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Terms & Conditions

The applicant(s) has/have inspected the project location and after satisfying themselves with the entire project details, have signed and submitted this form to Address-Maker Real Estate Ltd for booking the apartment/unit/Land Shear The Booking Amount is payable as per the Company’s approved price. Booking is valid only with the Management’s Approval. An Allotment letter will be sent to the Customers within 7 working days from the date of receipt of booking advance

An Agreement for Construction shall be executed within 10 days from the date of receipt of ___ % of total consideration of the flat. Once the agreement is signed, the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement will be applicable along with the conditions mentioned in the booking form. This booking is not transferable and registration will be done only to the Customers name mentioned in the booking form. The Sale deed (for AMREL) shall be executed within 15 days from the date of receipt of ___ % of total sale consideration of the flat. The Original Construction Agreement and the Sale deed will be handed to the bank in case the Customer had availed a bank loan. The Customer agrees to pay for any facility, infrastructure or customization provided in the flat or common area that are not mentioned in the agreement Any customization requirement pertaining to their respective flat has to be given to the Company at the time of signing of Construction Agreement. Customization is an additional service and will be accepted and executed only if it is feasible and fully paid for Possession of the flat will be handed over to the Customer only upon receipt of total consideration and any additional payments due. Interior works will be allowed only after substantial completion of the flat and after obtaining prior approval of the company in writing. Delayed payments will attract interest at ___ % p.a. from the actual due date till the date of receipt of the payment. The Company reserves the right to change/modify any drawings / specifications or brands used in the flat without prior notice, due to the issues beyond its control. The Company has made clear to the Customer that it shall be carrying out developmental activities in the entire project area in phases including areas adjacent to the Customer’s Flat. The Customer agrees not to raise objections / make any claims for inconvenience, if any due to such developmental activities. The Company shall obtain the electrical, water and sewerage connections in line with the delivery date. However, no responsibility is accepted for any delay beyond the control of the Company in obtaining such services. Cancellation terms are subject to the following : In case, the Customer seeks cancellation of the booking before signing of agreement, an amount of BDT.___________/- will be deducted per flat. If the Customer seeks cancellation of the flat for any reason after signing the Construction Agreement, BDT._________/- will be deducted as cancellation charges and the balance amount will be refunded within ___ working days. If the Customer seeks cancellation of the flat after registration of AMREL, the Company shall try to find a new buyer for this flat and sell at a price as it deems fit. After three months from the date of registration of AMREL in favour of the new Customer, the Company shall refund to the first customer, the amount paid by him after deducting ___ % of total sale consideration of the flat. The Customer shall not make any payments to any third parties claiming to represent the company. All emails sent from the company’s official e-mail id would be deemed to be official communication. All disputes relating to/arising out of this application form are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Chennai

Declaration / We the undersigned applicant (Sole/First and Second Applicant), do hereby declare that the above mentioned particulars/information given by me/us are Irrevocable, true and correct to my/our knowledge and no material fact has been concealed there from. I/We have gone through the terms and conditions written in this application and accept the same and which shall ipso-facto be applicable to my/our legal heirs and successors. I/We declare that in case of non-allotment of the flat, my/our claim shall be limited only to the extent of amount paid by me/us in relation to this application form.
Note: Individuals signing this booking form on behalf of the customer(s), are requested to furnish the necessary proof.

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